Mandatory audit


The audit of the company is an advanced and approved by the customer set of measures aimed to identify discrepancies in the financial statements as well as to make recommendations for their elimination and adjustment of individual employees’ activity. Pursuant to the effective legislation such measures are mandatory and are conducted by qualified auditors.

Mandatory audit service is one of the priorities of Audit-Advice. Our auditors are always ready to share our many years’ experience for the benefit of your business. The audit, in particular, mandatory audit of annual accounts is conducted annually. The audit of the company is stipulated by the law "On Auditing".

In the course of the mandatory audit the analysis of the reliability of the financial statements is carried out. Also mandatory audit is conducted in the following well-known cases:

1) When the company’s form of ownership is Open Joint Stock Company;

2) If the entity is a credit institution, insurance company, mutual insurance association, commodity or stock exchanges, investment fund, state non-budgetary fund, fund, education source established for the voluntary contributions of persons involved;

3) In the case of excess of the revenue from sales of the company’s products (or services, works) (except for agricultural cooperatives and their unions) at 50 million rubles within the year preceding the reporting year, or an excess of the current assets on the balance sheet at 20 million rubles. Such financial figures are frequently reduced for some municipal unitary enterprises in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation constituent entities;

4) In other cases stipulated by the federal law.

In any of the abovementioned cases specialists of Audit-Advice will provide your company with all necessary assistance and support during mandatory audit