Express audit


Thanks to express audit a quick and not expensive evaluation of accounting, reporting for a certain period and the tax system is carried out. The audit of the company of such type is used to determine the compliance of the tax obligations performed, to analyze and evaluate the accuracy of statutory documents, accounting and tax reporting as well as to identify existing business and tax risks.

The objective of the express audit is to provide the company's management with reliable and complete information on the status of the accounting and tax records, to identify the risks of financial and other activities of the company, operative development of possible solutions and options for special events to optimize the company’s activity.

Thus such audit may indicate deficiencies in the financial and economic activities of the company and to eliminate them in a timely manner adjusting the work of accountants or financiers. And this, as the statistics show, will correctly plan the future activity of the company and will have a positive impact on improving its financial performance.

Such audit is deemed most effective during the preparation of the annual or quarterly report prior to the mandatory tax audit. Also the express audit is often initiated in case of change of the company’s CEO or Chief Accountant.

As a rule, the audit service is popular also among those accountants who are in urgent need to collect information on the financial performance of the company to deliver them to the acquaintance of the managers.

Express audit has undisputable advantages including saving of time and money as well as minimal impact of the auditors on the operation of the company. Certainly, qualified specialists of Audit-Advice can use the information obtained during express audit to determine whether there is need for deeper tax accounting audit.

Thus, a professional audit of Audit-Advice greatly reduces the impact of any tax audits, which considerably saves material resources of the company.