Accounting restoration


Accounting services and bookkeeping, bookkeeping entries

Restoration of accounting is one of the most time-consuming procedures performed by our experts if the bookkeeping and tax accounting of your company does not comply with the requirements of law.

As a rule, the data obtained in the course of restoration of accounting the bookkeeping is not the same as the existing one, that is why the adjusted reports for the restoration period will be made. After the formation of the new data, our experts will protect the adjusted reporting at the tax office and other bodies.

Usually, during the restoration of accounting we offer the organization of accounting so that your specialists could independently keep accounts in the future.

In standard cases the following measures shall be taken during the restoration of accounting:

- restoration of primary documentation,

- sorting and processing of primary documents available

- restoration of bookkeeping entries,

- analysis of the company’s primary documents with regard of their compliance with the law,

- check of the correctness of execution of necessary registers, restoration and preparation of making of accounting registers,

- check of correctness of taxes calculation and preparation of tax returns

- preparation of financial statements according to the requirements of effective legislation and their delivery to the Inspectorate of the Federal tax Service

Accounting services and bookkeeping

One of the main services of Audit-Advice is accounting services to both small and large companies of different forms of ownership (Individual Entrepreneurs, Limited Liability Company, Close Join Stock Company). Experts of the audit company keep the accounting of your business. Accounting work is performed by accounting staff constantly improving their knowledge at courses and seminars.

Having concluded an agreement for accounting services with us, you reduce your administrative costs of maintaining such services as accounting. This issue is particularly of interest in times of crisis.

Adjustments in the restoration of accounting

Restoration of accounting starts with the restoration of the primary documents such as invoices, statements, way-bills. Then the work on restoration of the electronic database records starts. Our audit company provides services on bookkeeping entries. Such work requires a lot of time and may take several months.

It is know that the restoration of accounting recovery requires adjustments in the accounting records of the company facing the problems. Consequently, bookkeeping entries adjusting services will be held for previously accrued and paid taxes. The amount to be paid will be assessed additionally or accounted for offset.